BitMart GET Quiz Answers: Learn & Earn | Share 250,000 GET Tokens

BitMart GET Quiz Answers: Learn & Earn | Share 250,000 GET Tokens

BitMart GET Quiz Answers


BitMart GET Quiz Answers: Participate in the BitMart learn to earn GET quiz, answer all quiz questions correctly and stand a chance to win 250 GET tokens rewards.

To participate in this campaign, you must have an account on BitMart. If you don’t have then create one from the registration or signup link given below using your valid credentials.

In this post, you can find the BitMart learn & earn GET quiz answers. After the event ended, randomly selected 1000 winners who completed the quiz form will win 250 GET tokens each.

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How To Participate In The Bitmart GET Quiz?

1) Tap on the link given below and signup or login to your BitMart account.

2) Submit Bitmart GET Quiz answers, your email id, and your Twitter account.

3) Follow @BitMartExchange & @GECavengers on Twitter.

4) Retweet and tag 3 friends.

5) 1000 randomly selected lucky winners will equally share the $5000 GET prize pool.

6) Each eligible participant will get 250 GET tokens each.

7) Activity period: Valid till 3rd September 2022, 11:59 PM (UTC).

BitMart Learn To Earn GET Quiz Answers

Do your research and recheck the answers before submitting the quiz. These answers are for reference purposes only

Q1) What is GESIA stand for?

Answer: Green Earth Social Impact Alliance

Q2) Which is the initial offering price of GET(Green Earth community Token)?

Answer: $0.02

Q3) What are the major services of GESIA?

Answer: All of the above

Q4) What is the definition of Social Impact investment according to Global Impact Investment Network(GIIN)?

Answer: A priority shift toward the good of society in selecting investment opportunities

Q5) What percentage of millennials believe social impact is key to their investing decision?

Answer: 93%

Q6) What is Carbon Offset Credit?

Answer: A credit that a person or organization can buy to decrease its carbon footprint

Q7) According to the Bloomberg’s report, the price of Carbon Offset Credit will increase by how much by 2050?

Answer: 50 times from current price

Q8) What is the size and growth rate of global green technology market as of 2020?

Answer: USD 120B with CAGR of 21.9%

Q9) What is Funding DAO?

Answer: A type of decentralized autonomous enterprise that focuses on investment activities

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